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C Hugo Pott produces, modern silverware, kitchen cutlery, and Solingen knives. The designer cutlery of C. Hugo Pott is available as 18 10 stainless steel or as sterling silver flatware.

will get solingen germany knife making company.

The city of Solingen was founded in 1374. It has long been an active center for the production of high quality cutlery. Linder's death, the company was...

ISS Solingen - Specialist mail order for cutlery, knives, tableware and knife sets from Solingen and elsewhere. collectors knives. Bitte wählen Sie die Sprache.

RH Forschner 8" Forged Kitchen Chef Knife Solingen Germany 41620 end cutlery division of Victorinox, the same company that makes Swiss Army Knives. Forschner began making. Eickhorn solingen make hight quality military and rescue knives.

More than just knives - they're works of art. Hand-crafted in Solingen, Germany, they meet the uncompromising standards that have made German cutlery famous. Blade feels ... more. $89.95. Lehman's.

Our low internet price $129.95 Rare Hubertus Knives. Automatic Knife Made about 10 years Ago. Premium Limited Edition Hubertus Knife "Z 2000" Steel of Sweden. Made in Solingen Germany.

We offer the best quality of cutleries, kitchenwares, assorted knives, scissors, manicure and pedicure instruments and many, many more products. “Quality made in Germany”, Solingen.

Short History of The Hubertus Knife Company - Solingen, Germany. Duration: 2:37. Published: 2009-08-08. . Uploaded: 2010-12-03.

Unless you’re already a Puma enthusiast you’re certain to find surprises among the offerings of this old company from Solingen, Germany.

Founded in Solingen, Germany, by the Eickhorn family. The 1st company, Eickhorn GmbH to bear the name was established in 1864. This company, and a subsequent Eickhorn knives, pocket knives and tools company failed when owned and managed by members...

I have for auction a nice vintage bowie style knife by Olsen Knife Company made in Solingen Germany. It is 17 1/4 inches long with an 11 3/4 blade. It has a stag style handle with some minor cracks a...from eBay.

World Knives: Knives of Solingen, Germany. There is no city in the world that has enjoyed the reputation of company, based in Solingen, that manufactures scissors, shavin …

J.A. Henckels is a knife manufacturer based in Solingen, Germany. Henckels is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of Benchmade · Böker · Brusletto · Buck Knives · Calphalon...

Boker Knives of Solingen, Germany has been producing knives and tools for over a century and today they are one of the foremost knife makers in the world.

At Puma folding knives it is on the pushing spring. Found? then you enter the 5-digit number in the text field above. description of complaint or your wish.

Here you will be guided through our collections and we will assist you in finding your perfect knives.
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Beautiful, high quality knives from Herbertz, another great company in Solingen, Germany. HERBERTZ KNIVES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED SHIPPING TO THE U.S. Please email us to check availability


Antiques For Sale - Collectibles - Collections For Sale. Frog Level Landing. Gambill Solingen Germany. Image. Custom Knives by.


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